performance lecture

“Niall Sweeney’s Revolver was genius … inspiring, unusual, thoughtful and fun”

— The Irish Times’ cultural highlights 2009

Embarking from a Dublin of a near-distant memory — with its burgeoning cultures of clubbing, digital media, and DIY — graphic artist and visionary Niall Sweeney takes you loop-the-loop round a world viewed through glasses tinted with his particular bent. Condensing two decades into a two hour performance, Sweeney presents an evening of story cycles and graphic travelogues in words, pictures and music. From suspending giant babies, basking sharks, drag queens and himself over a variety of dancefloors, scandalising the front pages of the papers, and honing the blades of cutting-edge queer culture to celebrating inner-city communities as different kinds of animal, making tiny staircases in and out of books, attending dinner parties with spacemen, and time-travelling with pop artists… Expect stories of incident in confabulations of the high- and low-brow past/present/future, transgression, sean-nós and a few grams of synesthesia. Sweeney will be joined on the night by some heroines and muses... and there’s the chance of a little puppetry.

Presented by Thisispopbaby and Darklight, featuring Tonie Walsh, Tony Flynn, Jenny Jennings, Shirley Temple Bar, Phillip McMahon
, and of course, Panti.
Photographs by Fiona Morgan.

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