Eamonn Doyle


“The best new street photo book I have seen for a decade … Take a look at this book, very small edition (750) self-published by an Irish photographer, beautiful printing, and great images. On top of this, the simplicity and directness of the images is brilliant. You heard about it here first.”
—Martin Parr

”This set of images seemed to spring up naturally in the course of my everyday street photography. I’ve never actually set out with a specific project in mind, but I began to recognise a pattern with these particular images. This also corresponded with my re-discovery of Beckett’s work, so I think my eye was more naturally falling towards these kind of solitary figures on the street. What is not shown can be a lot more engaging. I definitely photographed these particular people with a certain reverence and for the most part tried to keep their identity hidden … it’s their unknowability that keeps the images interesting for me.”
—Eamonn Doyle

Print by MM Artbook printing & Repro
Bind by Van Waarden

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