No 26 Sandymount Avenue
McDermott & McGough

Kunsthalle Wien

The two time-travelers’ art unfolds as a meditation on the transitory character of things and the illusionary nature of each here and now. This book focuses on a body of McDermott & McGough’s photographic works produced using the cyanotype printing process, and titled after their former home in Ireland (26 Sandymount Avenue). The series is a picturesque portrait of their house, a veritable gesamtkunstwerk, which transfers Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher into the twenty-first century.

The book features tip-in images, blue leather binding, and endpapers made from the screen-printed wallpaper from 26 Sandymount Avenue (which can be sen in some of the cyanotypes), also to be found in Fota House, Cork, c. 1870.

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