About the PantiBar Poster Prints

Though all of our posters for PantiBar were only ever devised as one-offs to be displayed in the bar, we offer this selection for the very first time to purchase for posterity and pleasure. 

Museum-grade, archival quality art prints of classic, internationally exhibited, published, loved and acclaimed PantiBar posters. Printed with skill and care on heavyweight 285gsm Hahnemühle Pearl paper. The colours are vibrant, the finish exceptional, the subject matter iconic.

Available in three sizes: A2, A1 and A0. 

Free shipping. 

As they are made to order, your posters might take a couple of weeks from order to delivery.

Your poster edition will be signed & dated personally by Niall Sweeney, and will be Pony stamped and approved. 

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When we ship them, we roll them at a diameter of 125mm. Please handle with care when you unpack. These are top notch gallery-grade art prints. To get a lifetime of pleasure out of them, we highly recommend framing. They are heavyweight so you should not need to mount them if the frame fits flush. These poster prints have an allowance of image around all the edges for framing flush, which is how they look best. Frame them so that the print surface sits back a little from the glass, do not use a clip frame. We would suggest a brand such as Halbe magnetic distance frames, sized to the print dimensions. But just ask your good framer for advice. If you are framing them at home, carefully un-roll and lay poster flat for about a day or so before framing. If you are taking to a professional framer, be sure to tell them the full story and to take care of your newly acquired beauty.

Mrs Potato Head
Eyes, boots, bums, lips, limelight, bones and boobs — armed with a kit of parts, the posters for PantiBar line up like a joyously demented assembly line in a doll factory. Since 2007, Pony’s voluptuous posters for Ireland’s most infamous landlady have become some of the most recognisable and iconic images around, not only within the community for which they were created, but reaching a much broader international audience. They have been exhibited, published, collected and acclaimed around the world. They are clearly a labour of love, the result of a great friendship between the designer and the Queen of Ireland. But they also show that good work, and pleasure, can come out of the simplest of things: a poster for a drag show in the basement of a gay bar somewhere on the northside of Dublin — and how that, in turn, can become greater than the sum of its body parts. 

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