About the Freaky Scarfs

130 × 95 cm
Silk crêpe-de-chine

The Freaky Scarfs (yes, “scarfs”, not “scarves”), celebrate joyful creatures transgressing the turbulent seas of modern mythologies. They are at once both the gods and the goddesses of the good times, of the marginalised, of the exquisite comedies of life, fertility and sensual pleasure. They can always be relied upon for succour. They will envelope you in colour as you bring the streets to life, or hang heraldic in your home as standards of the embracing exuberant diversity in the universe. 

The title ”All the Freaky People Make the Beauty of the World” comes from the Michael Franti song ”Stay Human”, which always gives us great pleasure to listen to as we, you know, freak out!

Featuring fecund and fabulous beasts by Niall Sweeney, these silk crêpe-de-chine scarfs are vibrantly coloured, voluptuously illustrated, sensuously smooth with a natural lustre. Large and luscious, they are cool on the skin and beautiful framed on the wall.

Rolled hems, hand finished
Made in the UK, dry clean only

• Choose your Freaky Scarf •

Our luxurious Freaky Scarfs are printed and made in the UK with great skill and care; quality checked and hand finished. We package them carefully, loosely folded in a protective cellophane bag and shipped in a simple box. Your scarf will retain some folding lines for a while. This is just how silk scarfs are! If it troubles you (or if you are going to frame your scarf), you can always get a professional to remove these (perhaps when dry-cleaning), or you can do it yourself if you find out how. There is a lot of information on-line about ironing silk. Do be careful. We cannot guarantee results. That's why we advise to get a professional to do it. Silk is a natural fibre (many Bombyx mori have worked hard to make all the thread it takes to make your scarf!), and though inherently strong and naturally resistant, it is also delicate and has limits and thresholds. All of which is what makes these scarfs so special.

We have deliberately NOT included any tags on the scarfs themselves, as we just don't like all that annoying guff hanging off them, and you are always conscious of which way you fold or wrap them around you. All our scarfs come with a “Dry Clean Only” note. It is up to you how you clean them, if at all, but unless you are an experienced professional, get someone who does it for a living to do it for you. We cannot guarantee the results. All we can say is that when we have had them dry cleaned, they came out beautifully with no fold lines. We have not tested them in a traditional hand washing situation, so we can only advise not to, or to seek advice from a pro. Cleaning of any kind, over time, will (like anything) gradually alter the appearance and structure — but ageing is part of the inevitable beauty of the world.

We do, however, recommend that you read “In Praise of Shadows” by Junichiro Tanizaki; watch “ROMA” by Fellini; and listen to Michael Franti’s “Stay Human” — all the while wearing your Freaky Scarf, gently ululating in a warm breeze.

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