McDermott & McGough

Nicholas Robinson Gallery, New York

Published in 1958* to celebrate a portfolio of Technicolor prints of photographs taken in Greenfield Village, Michigan (a living museum-town preserved in the 1950s). The images are made using the tri-colour carbro process which uses three separate negatives — one each for yellow, magenta and cyan — to print in pigment colours. The saturation is such that no black is necessary. The process was invented in 1863, but it wasn't until 1930 that Outerbridge pioneered its use in the commercial field. The quality of print and colour achievable remains unsurpassed, even with contemporary digital technologies. (*MMVIII)

Detroit features texts by John Ashbery and Stephen C. Pinson. The design is dedicated to Alexander Liberman.

Printing by Drukkerij Rosbeek. Colour plates by Tod Gangler.

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