Pony is a small design and art studio. From time to time we publish things that people might like to buy. Pony is not a 24/7 retail store, and we are often away from the studio for periods of time, or we might be out walking the dog. Though our website will take orders while we are not here, we can only process them when we are. We will attend to your order as soon as we can. 

Email us if you have any special requests, questions, or extraordinary orders. Your patience is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with pleasure...



To keep things as simple and global as possible, we use PayPal Standard, which processes all purchases made via the Pony Shop, and all transactions are carried out by PayPal, externally to our website.

Shipping is included in the price, anywhere in the world (as long as it is an address we can easily ship to). We use the most appropriate method we think suitable, depending on your location and the contents and value of your order. 

Our books are 0% rated for VAT. 

• Details of Terms, Deliveries, Returns, Taxes, Duties and Contacting Us are • HERE •

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