Chris Killip

“I was photographing nightlife venues in Newcastle in 1985 when someone told me about The Station, an anarcho/punk venue in Gateshead. I was amazed by the energy and feel of the place. 1985 wasn’t a great time in Gateshead. It was after the miners’ strike and most of the punks at The Station were unemployed. Run as a very inclusive collective, their identity was embedded in the fabric of the place. It was also a rehearsal space and local bands who weren’t playing that night would be in the crowd dancing. The Station was a home for this community. Nobody ever asked me where I was from or even who I was; a thirty-nine-year-old with cropped white hair, always wearing a suit (as the jacket had pockets stitched inside to hold my 4×5" slides). I had a big flat-bed plate camera around my neck and a hefty Norman flash with its outsize battery around my waist.”
— Chris Killip

380 × 289 mm, 32pp, loose-leaf, high-quality tabloid, 100gsm uncoated paper.

ISBN 9781999668709

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